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Tips and Tricks April 18, 2005

Filed under: Drupal — Tom @ 12:05 am

Here’s some things I’ve picked up about Drupal while at SFX.

  1. Watching for comments by clicking on the posts is a waste, it’s much easier to check for new comments/read new posts by browsing the Spreading Firefox category. These are in the latest “Blogs” sidebar anyway, but all 10 can be viewed in two pages instead of ten.
  2. To link directly to a comment, there is a better method than linking to the “reply to this comment” page. Try clicking reply to this comment, then replacing comment/reply with node/view, this allows the viewer of the URI to view both the node (blog post) and comment (just the one you wanted).
  3. To link directly to a discussion, highlight the title of the first comment you want to link to, and the text before that. “View selection source” and find the comment-19161 tag in there (19161 is a random number), then append #comment-19161 to the end of the current URI. This links directly to that comment, and a user can easily see the context by scrolling up or down.

Thats all I can think of right now, but hopefully I’ll have a part 2 later on.

edit later on; comments on this post are off, this is the number one most-spam-attempts on the blog ever, and im tired of marking them as such.