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Asa is a dick April 29, 2005

Filed under: Mozilla — Tom @ 11:00 am

Let’s take a look at this image.

Santhosh dedication

We can see that someone’s made a flash file called the 5 Dees. If you look closely, you can tell someone’s just found out about Swish. I’m sure that this file, submitted during the time to submit things of course, is better than the items submitted previously which were for the goal of spreading firefox, instead of getting some coin. I mean, Firefox playground LIVE detailing why to use the browser in an interactive tutorial is great, but it was submitted to Spread Firefox before this coin stuff came about. I don’t know why FF Flash Banner was pushed to the front of the website if it wasn’t something special.

But enough of this. It passed 50 mill a few seconds ago, so :-/


3 Responses to “Asa is a dick”

  1. LouCypher Says:

    Life is cruel, we all know that. If I had to chose between spreading Firefox or getting the coin, I’d chose spreading Firefox. The worst thing is people who get the coin always win. Life is cruel. But for me, uplading Firefox pictures to deviantART or Flickr is more fun than ‘uploading’ them to my body. In other words, I enjoy spreading Firefox, so I don’t care much about those coins. I know there are a lot of people who deserve the coins/rewards/thank you/muach/whatever, but then again, life is cruel.

  2. Tristor Says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting a coin, but I refuse to do some completely outlandish zealotry that would have little to no effect on the lives of people. The whole reason I choose to ‘spread Firefox’, even though I don’t even use it, is to help people out. I don’t see how me painting my body with logos, or plastering my crappy ricer car with stickers ( I have one, it’s large enough to be seen, small enough not to look like ass), or making a cake for somebody that looks like the logo would do anything to actually help anybody out. Now, the banner idea at the college, that wasn’t too bad. My only issue would be getting permission and funds to have the banner made, and I would hang one like that from the balcony in the atrium. But not for the sole purpose of getting the coin, but more for the purpose of trying to do something to help out people. If I did something that grandiose, I would most likely hang banners alongside it promoting other open-source projects/products that can help people in their everyday lives. And that brings me to the whole reason why I don’t like the attitude and goals of SFX. While I understand the site is targetted and oriented towards spreaing Firefox, as the name implies, it and its members appear to be completely against spreading any other open source software. They don’t just ignore it, they go out of their way to practically endorse stuff that I find abhorrent. For instance, (SFX frontpage is down right now, so I can’t find the node) one story that got to the front page was how to make an automatic signature in Outlook Express to add your SFX affiliate link. My only thought was “Why, God, why?” That would have been a /perfect/ opportunity to promote Thunderbird. Why not a frontpage article that says “Here is how to add your affiliate link as an automatic signature in Thunderbird” and give a small blurb about Thunderbird’s advantages over OE and other pure email software. I find it horrible sad that they didn’t just ignore Thunderbird (although they did that too), but they went the extra step and seemed to promote Outlook Express (an insecure, shitty, and closed source email client) over Thunderbird. What makes it all the more abhorrent is that Thunderbird is a product of the Mozilla Foundation, just as Firefox is. SFX has a lot of issues, and I hope they address them. I think they would be better served by fixing it’s problem than they would by passing around commemorative coins at the drop of a hat (isn’t this the 3rd time they have passed coins for something?).


  3. Tom Says:

    I agree Tristor, while people actually flamed you for asking Bjorn to post the Thunderbird instructions too, it was something that should have been done. What’s worse, Bjorn is actually one of the official volunteers which helps out in the forums.

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