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ebay won the popularity contest April 30, 2005

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You know google can do or searches? What if you did a search for all vowels in an or? You’d get the full list of websites. Not all pages use a the word “the” or “and”, so searching for that can’t gurantee all results. However, every page has to have a vowel, it’s a goddamn rule and I hate you if you don’t.

So here it is: Google search: {a|e|i|o|u|y}.

Ebay won the popularity contest, it’s the top linked to site in the world. APageRank checker said ebay has a pagerank of 9/10, so it’s really no surprise. What’s second, though? Oreilly! Congrats. Up next is a real confuser, E! online. How’d that get in there?

Steve.Jobs has Apple at 7, and iTunes at 20. That’s a really amazing thing for such a company. Internet Explorer is at 51. There’s no way I’m going to find Firefox in there, it’d take too long.

Where was the point of this post? It’s that I’m bored and got sidetracked while writing it.


2 Responses to “ebay won the popularity contest”

  1. skuld Says:

    interesting, thanks for that! ^^

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