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Don’t call twice May 1, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 4:04 pm

I hate some people. We have some people who decide that after the 6 rings before our answering machine picks up (it used to be 3, mom needed more time to get to the phone), that we’ve just somehow “barely missed them”, and that they must immediately hang up and call back to make the phone ring another 6 times.

It’s not that I don’t want to answer the phone, it’s that I know I can’t help the person calling (because they’re not calling for me), so I want them to leave a message. Oh, and she’s hung up too late (i just heard it) and the machine is recording the “you held the phone up too long, ring ring, you must dial a number” type message. So, what was accomplished?

The lady 1) annoyed me, 2) wasted her time, and 3) didn’t leave a message (meaning we may just not call her back because we dont know what she wants). Why? Because she’s 1) ignorant, 2) self-important (thinks she’s worth calling twice and worth our time to call her back to find out what she wanted in the firstplace) and 3) stupid.

She does this all the time, and I just want to pick up and say “You know what, I didn’t answer the first time becuase I couldn’t help you, so you hung up and called back to try to get our attention again. Fuck you, eat shit and die, self-important whore.” and hang up on her.


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