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Too many standards? May 19, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 1:52 pm

I have often stated my love of the awesome bittorrent client Azureus. As of, it includes support for its own brand of trackerless torrents. It doesn’t use the same method eXeem uses, which I was sorta hoping it would (at least support that). Now Bram has released his own version, which seems to be different than the Azureus version.

I do hope Az will support these other new methods to keep things together, as well as hope other clients try to stick to a standard.


One Response to “Too many standards?”

  1. Grey Hodge Says:

    I switched to Az recently after a long time spent with BitTornado. But 0.3.12 has a nasty crash-on-close bug, and the Python runtimes leak memory like mad. Az however is a lot better than I anticipated.

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