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Common Sense Isn’t: Road Trips May 23, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 2:34 am

So I’ve thought about this before and never really written about it in The Blog Nobody Reads(tm).

When we’re supposed to go on a roadtrip, my dad wants to leave really early to ‘beat the rush’. This is during typical times that there’s roadtrips and all. Well, I can’t think this is too rare, the idea of leaving earlier to beat everybody. But, if everybody did this… you wouldn’t be beating everybody. And, typically, while there are people on the road, there’s not enough to make things slower. So I suppose it really is rare.

Also: To all those states that implement really nice restrooms with automatic sinks and the like in their rest stops: You ROCK. I like not having to touch a knob to turn the sink on, especially since so many others have touched it. Same for paper towels. Paper towels also rock, and there’s now dispensers that dispense an amount of paper towel when you wave your hands in front of it. Very clean, and that’s just nice.


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