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Wired: digging up the underground May 23, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 8:53 am

Wired News, the people who brought you The Microsoft Memo, have decided to bring piracy to everyone. They’re instructing users to use Usenet to pirate Return of the Sith (already being advertised on google), which will obviously make Usenet look better than ever. Oh wait.

That’s not all. Bram Cohen has joined in making it easier to blame the bittorrent protocol instead of just individual trackers, by desiging a bittorrent search engine of his very own. In the past, Asperger’s suffer Cohen has seemingly been on the side of creating bittorrent for distributing files (such as Linux ISOs) easier. Now, after Ashwin Navin, BitTorrent’s COO ran a search for “The Interpreter” at the reporters request and received the expected piracy related results, Cohen proves to be making one of the worst decisions possible. He’s acknoweldging his protocol is used for piracy, and what’s worse, planning on running an advertising supported search engine to locate these pirated files.

Bad move to the nth.


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