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Google Desktop Search for all May 28, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 2:27 am

A friend linked me to the japanese version of GDS. There’s a crucial difference between theirs and ours, and that is that theirs searches MSN Messenger chats, ours does not. A slightly interesting difference is that while they also use the Firefox icon for the Gecko browsers, they use the Thunderbird icon for mail instead of the Netscape icon. The Korean GDS also has the thunderbird icon, MSN messenger, and a new thing called HWP.

The Dutch GDS has no differences from ours, neither does the French GDS, the German GDS, the Italian GDS, nor the Spanish GDS. I can’t figure out exactly how to get to the chinese versions.

Why Japan and Korea have MSN Messenger support, and what the heck HWP is, are questions which I do not know the answer to. However, someone out there may, so I ask you, internet, what does this mean?


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