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BitTorrent in Opera July 6, 2005

Filed under: General,Mozilla — Tom @ 5:10 pm

Opera 8.02 (tech preview) includes a simple BitTorrent client.

If you’re familiar with the original bt client, you’ll know it’s very simple, just a download window with a cancel button and info on what speeds you’re getting. It’s lean. It doesn’t do much. At the end, it becomes a window with a “Finish” icon instead of a cancel button. What would a normal user do? Well, finish of course! Just like in IE when you download something and it’s done, you can close the window and do what you want to, open the file. Same with BitTorrent.

This is a problem: People aren’t encouraged to seed. Originally, I didn’t know how to seed since there was no explicit way to do it. I didn’t know I could point it at the same directory and it’d just work (not terribly intuitive I guess, or I’m a dumbass, probably both). That’s why advanced clients like ABC, Azureus, and BitComet are popular for users who use BitTorrent often, because it’s got better torrent management. Of course, the average site using BitTorrent just once (the reason blogtorrent was made, to make it even easier) will just advise to use the normal bittorrent client. So why not make this even easier on the user, and include a simple client with the browser? (or as an extension)

One method I’ve been a fan of was using java for a mini-client that works on all browsers, but a built in client allows people to keep seeding while they keep their browser open (of course, at their option, but preferably the default) without minding. Smarter browsers would lower the upload bandwidth being used dynamically, to make sure browsing stays fast.

Built in clients help in that: Users don’t have to install a new program (BitTorrent), but can if they want (any number of better clients). Users don’t have to click a button to save space on todays ever-more-crowded taskbars, one of the reasons tabbed browsing is more popular. It’s easier to seed again without having to learn a whole new client and configure it. Plus, it’s in the same download manager, keeping things organized.

(A built in dijjer client would be nice, but the guy who made that should really just make it an extension)


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  1. Opera 8.02 mit BT-Unterstützung

    Die Alpha-Version von Opera 8.02 ist der erste Web-Browser, der auch BitTorrent-Downloads direkt unterstützt.


    Bislang braucht man für die Bittorrent Downloads immer ein separater Cl…

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