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I e-mailed Rockstar about Hot Coffee August 12, 2005

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First, check out No More Hot Coffee, then check out my e-mail.

Since SA is now AO, it should come with hot coffee ON by default

I would think that since the game is still available through the take2 store as AO, it should come with Hot Coffee on by default. Since I presume a 1.01 version of GTA:SA will eventually come out on pressed media, able to be rated M, then there should be an alternative hot coffee enabled (by default) version rated AO. If people want the adult content, it should be sold to them without the need to patch it.

I saw and laughed, but seriously, the whole thing is overblown. Since the damage is done, the best way to take control of the situation is to sell two versions of the game (as mentioned): rated M with no hot coffee at all, and rated AO with hot coffee on by default (I suppose there could be a way to switch it off on demand). This is especially important for the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game, as enabling the scenes would be incredibly difficult on those platforms.

Keep up the good work, the games are awesome and I enjoy the series. It’d just be sad that something which made the game even more infamous shouldn’t be sold as a feature, not a bug, by the company.


They didn’t publicly post the changelog, so here it is. There’s actually a few more important upgrades that aren’t related to hot coffee in there, which is sad. You can’t have your hot coffee and a slightly better version of the game, too. 😦


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