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Trybalink Forums August 22, 2005

Filed under: General,Mozilla — Tom @ 10:57 pm

Dear Member

Due to circumstances of you not posting, I will need
to know if you want to keep your account.

If you do want to keep your account then I will expect
you to post at least once a week, even if its just one
post. The forums have come on along way and it would
be nice to see you around, you will be missing out on
a great community, but of course it is your choice.

If you don’t want to keep your account let me know and
we will delete it for you, of course you will be
welcome to join up again when you have the time to
post, if you wish too.
Please e-mail me with the subject saying – ‘Concerning
Trybalink’ so I will be aware that it is not junk mail
or anything like that, then all you have to put is
whether you want to keep your account or not.
It won’t take very long 5 minutes max if your a slow
typer, so please contact me because last time no one
did, and I was forced to delete accounts, so please
inform me of your decision.

If I don’t get your reply by 30th september your
acount WILL be deleted, I am not tolertaing non
posters anymore.

Yours faithfully


dear aimee taylor

if you want people to post you don’t have to be threatening, you have
to give them something to post about. jimbo wales didn’t tell people
“contribute to wikipedia or i’m blockin you MISTARRRRRR”, he just let
the community form. in most forums, you have to ‘prime the pump’ and
provide things to discuss.

congradulations on living up to the name ‘psycho’ in your email though

delete my account because it gives you absolutely no performance
benefit to do so.


please note the trybalink forums are where the forums are hosted, i suggest mozine start hosting the firemonger forums?

edit: shes been nice and decided that it really was a dumb idea and now is asking for suggestions on her forums, heh.


2 Responses to “Trybalink Forums”

  1. Nomad Says:

    hi tom,

    Jedi did that on my instructions. That was after nicely trying to see if people would respond. Most didn’t and she sent that next. I’ve got no problem with it because of the simple fact of people being ignorant to her initial nice requests.

    Firemonger is now hosted seperately on my server and has no need to be moved.

    Maybe if you had answered her earlier e-mails requesting wether or not you wished to retain your membership you wouldn’t have got this one. Maybe even if you had used the account instead of just signing and then nothing her attitude would be different.

    I fully support any decision made by my Adminitrator.

    Nomad – owner –

  2. gemstone649 Says:

    I was unaware you had copied and posted this e-mail back in 2005. Please remove both the username and name, I don’t mind if you want to keep the rest of the e-mail and response there. Just remove my personal information, thanks.

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