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attn factoryjoe September 2, 2005

Filed under: General,Katrina — Tom @ 5:09 pm

you told me apple would probably understand and so i had my friend kristian in virginia call them up for me as i had to go, here’s what he said

Kristian says:
bunch of fuckers
Kristian says:
apple dont care
Kristian says:
basically said that if its been in water they wont do anything, i said that you’ve lost everything, they said that theres nothing he will do
Kristian says:
i thanked him for his compassion
Kristian says:
fucking emo twat

so yeah my ibook and ipod are gone and apple doesn’t give a shit thanks guys

also if you have connections with apple and could help me see if this phone center jockey was bullshitting, please don’t hesitate to email me.

i got my ipod tuesday before the hurricane, and i got my ibook friday before the hurricane, and lost it monday in the hurricane. not even a full week. i can’t even find out if i can get the rebate (student union $179 off the ipod if you get both) as my upcs are probably too soaked to be usable.

goddamn this pisses me off 😡


4 Responses to “attn factoryjoe”

  1. Hey Tom… Dude, that sucks. And I’m really surprised by that kind of response given the circumstances.

    On the other, I don’t think it really helps your cause to be pissed off — what did you do to protect your equipment? How was it that it got left behind? Maybe if you could elaborate on your story it would make more sense why you weren’t able to take your stuff with you?

    Anyway, bummed about your loss and the hassle, but there are certainly folks going through worse things right now… despite the loss of your stuff, seems you can count yourself pretty lucky.

  2. Tom Says:

    Chris: I didn’t know it was going to flood. Basically here’s what happened;

    I’m chillin watching back to the future 3 on my ibook since the power was out and i had nothing else to do. The cable went out (i started my ups and found this out) so why keep the laptop charged when there wasn’t an internet to connect it to? (was planning on going online for short bursts while power was out.)

    Anyway, mom came in and told me water was coming in, and i put my foot onto the floor, which then rippled. shit. Hey, this is more water than normally comes in, what gives? I got upt and put what I could onto the top of my bed: my laptop. a bag of dirty clothes floating around, my bookbag. My ibook was there too.

    I looked out the front door and saw 3 feet of water rising against the glass pane. OH SHIT. I went back got whatever else I could and went to the front, where the parents were planning on leaving as fast as they could to the house next door, which was 3 ft off the ground anyway. I put my laptop as high as I could (unfortunately the item it was on top of floated and tipped) and left the doomed house.

    So after wading through the water (still rising, eventually went over 6 ft in our house) to next door and coming back about 3 hours later, I found out my laptop was probably ruined. I couldn’t really get into my room (things were blocking my door) to check. I could, however, see my ibook wasn’t hwere it had been, on top of my tv, which was now leaning (along with its ‘entertianment center’) on top of my computer hutch, which had moved over 3 ft to the right (my right). 😦

    So yeah, flash flood and I ran so far away. what can you do? really.

  3. Kristian Says:

    I was very surprised at how little the rep (Tim) cared when I called, I asked his if he could do anything at all – I wasn’t rude nor condascending.
    I was told that nothing could be done to which I asked how much a repair would cost.
    Tim explained that water and electronics don’t mix (Thanks for that) and the machine would be irrepairable.

    Nope, they don’t.

  4. Hrmh. Thanks for elaborating, Tom. That does clear things up — and sounds pretty awful. It’s also really too bad that Apple won’t do anything given the circumstances, but again, I’m sure there are lots of folks in your same predicament or worse.

    I don’t know that there’s much else you can do but maybe write this up in a letter and send it off to Apple — telling them about your situation. It might not do any good, but who knows…

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