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apple clarification September 3, 2005

Filed under: Katrina — Tom @ 8:38 pm

there’s a massive misconception that i thought apple would just give me a brand new ipod and ibook since I was in the storm. there’s also misconceptions that I should be damn glad that we’re going to have to tear down all the walls in our house since I have a house, even though it may have to be torn down anyway. I am damn glad we’re alive, and I don’t want that to be missed.

However, I know it’s not in apples best interest to give me new stuff. They lose some money. With the prices on their products compared to the average price of parts, it shouldn’t be much, but it’s some. I know even bastions of evil and pure greed, like walmart, aren’t helping. I mean, opening a store in Kenner on backup power so people can buy things to live on, that’s just trying to make more money (even though that power is way more expensive because they have to generate it themselves). Moneygrubbing bastards, right? Apple, the underdog, can’t loot their customers in that way. Customer satisfaction is top priority at apple, and their customers need to come back for more in the future.

However, that’s really not what I came for. A friend, the same Kristian who called apple, spent over 10 years working at PC companies repairing laptops, and can make my stuff work again, no problem. Yet, I got the iBook and iPod because getting them together qualified me for a $179 discount on the ipod (cutting its price almost in half). I would love if apple could just say “Well, we understand it will be hard to fill out the forms with upcs that have been in salt water for 3 hours, so we’ll just send you the rebate since we know you bought the stuff.” I mean, that’s not too hard, they have the records on hand. Why should I fill out a form just to prove that?

People in #bs are telling me to just get the code off an ipod and ibook at an apple store (the closest one to my house is about 7.5 hours north). Not really the economical thing.

Yes, Kristian called to see if I could get it repaired or replaced. They said no. That’s fine, because it wasn’t the main thing I was looking for. I haven’t personally contacted them on this deal, and plan to whenever I get the chance. I don’t want to waste cell minutes or charge long distance to the room right now. It’s not the top priority anyway. It’s just something that would help me since I’m just a student, and help pay for repairs in the house a little.


p.s. i would have taken my stuff with me if 3 ft of water (still rising) wasn’t rushing into my hous at the time. And if my little 11 year old brothers weren’t having problems with the swim over. With where I had put the iBook (on top of a tv on top of the entertainment center), I thought that if the water didn’t go up too much more it’d be fine. Six feet of water is just unreal.


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