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Attn RIAA: Your payola isn’t working right September 25, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 10:56 pm

So you pay radio stations to play certain songs. You’d think people would want to buy those songs if they heard them a lot. You’re pretty right there, but you’ve got a sincere flaw: I don’t know what they’re playing. I don’t know which artist is on, and I don’t remember the lyrics of the song when I want to look it up. I’ve got a few notes.

Google is thinking about how one could look up songs by humming a few bars. We shouldn’t have to do that. The radio announcer should tell me what’s on. Even better: The radio could tell me whats on on the display (I know stations are sending their ID over the air, I’ve seen it on select radios in fancy cars). I could hit a favourite icon, and it’d note that. Maybe even add it to a list online of “albums I wanna buy”, so I could buy them when I’m at the computer.

Jesus. You’d think it’d be obvious to them. There’s other things I think that could be obvious, but certain people tell me these are in fact “inventions”, “intellectual property” that I should record as mine officially before revealing them.

I hate people who horde intellectual property too, but if I reveal it, some megalomerate could take it and patent it as theirs. If I keep it as mine, then I can let others use it with less restrictions, etc. I dunno :-/. (Note: If you’re a friend and think you can tell me if this idea is already patented, just email me or something.)


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