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Opera’s now Free, so I’m now testing September 25, 2005

Filed under: Opera — Tom @ 9:31 am

I don’t know how they’re going to pay their employees now, that part doesn’t make sense. Apparently people are saying Google did it. I don’t know.

The problems so far: I’m addicted to Firefox. Ctrl+T somehow means the same as Ctrl+D does everywhere else, in Opera. They proclaim standard compliance, yet they don’t use standard keyboard shortcuts. I’m surprised Ctrl+V pastes in this program. Ctrl+D just causes some weird error page to show.

What Opera needs, short of losing its belief that it’s perfect and that needs no bug reporting section (edit: look what I found), is the ability to switch keyboard shortcut mappings. I could switch it over to use Ctrl+T for new tabs instead of Ctrl+N. The better preference is for the browser to include alternate pre-defined maps.

The other problem I ran into typing this up involved opening a new tab to wikipedia to check on the word “Normalcy” (I’m pretty sure the first president who said it had invented the word…), and then the tab switched back to Gmail (i like to let a tab start loading and then open another and load more) on me.

Funky. Also, is it just me, or does Opera try to make it seem to give you a bigger viewport by shrinking all the text in the viewport a little?


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