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Addiction is pretty easy October 10, 2005

Filed under: General,Katrina — Tom @ 1:35 pm

So I bought two things off ebay, a L400 and a GPS unit to connect to it. They’re using my moms account, and her cc. It’s actually for mom to pay off a guy with a tree removal service, so he’ll do more work. With a total of about $540 for what could be a thousand or more dollars worth of work, I consider it a good deal. He can’t get a laptop and GPS for himself, so we do the service, he pays for the service and product with work, both are happy.

However, now I’m liking this too much. eBay is addictive, the thought of ‘winning’ something, even just using buy it now, is nice. I really don’t have the money available to be wasting it on eBay, and I prefer newegg, but :-/. For new items at lower prices (I saved maybe $10-20 on the GPS over staples), it’s pretty good. The shipping is terrible, these ebayers are lazy. I ordered them early saturday, and neither item has been shipped (laptop guy says monday, well it’s monday afternoon, I see no mail with a tracking number).

Tip for potential ebuyers: Pay with a credit card through paypal. This way, if they don’t send the item, you can dispute it via CC if PP doesn’t help. That’s something I learned from a friend who sold me the laptop I’m on now.

On that note, I’ll be near Norfolk, VA (like an hour or less away) this weekend, if you’re one of the zero readers of my blog and are nearby, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or something so I can shake your hand and autograph a printed blog entry ;).


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