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How was I to know? October 11, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 2:17 pm

My mom had the $5 a month unlimited txt/pix/flix to other Verizon Wireless customer deal, which came with 50 external txt/pix/flix messages. I myself had the 500 txts plan, which was good because not everyone I know and txt uses verizon, as well I don’t use a full 500 txts every month, but I’d use more than 50 external. So, I assumed that since for $5 you could send unlimited t/p/f and 50 t/p/f to external (non VZW “in” customers), that for $5 my 500txts would also work fine.

Apparently I was wrong. Pix/Flix are $.25 each. You can get a plan to send 20 a month for $3, and 40 a month for $5. Hey wait, let’s roll back that beautiful bean footage. 40 for $5? That’s to both Verizon and Non-Verizon? Why not get 50 for $5, and all the ones you send to verizon customers are free?

The only downside there is you don’t really get txts. For $10, you get 250 TPF and unlimited in TPF, even though on the *611 (VZW Cust Support line) line, the messages while I was on hold informed me that for $10, I could get unlimited IN and 500 TPF out. Odd. Apparently that’s really $15. Have their prices changed recently or something?

Anyway, I upped maybe 30-40 photos without having a plan, assuming my 500 texts included pix. Nope. Thanks VZW.

I’m not too pissed though, they actually came through with the free overages for sept, due to me being in the hurricane affected area.

To learn more about what this stuff is: (found that via google).


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