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This is good enough for “Beta”? October 12, 2005

Filed under: General,Mozilla — Tom @ 11:04 am

A few days ago, October 7th to be precise, Google Labs released Google Reader, an RSS feed reader. I searched for content, and meaning to be selfish, entered “Sometimes Tom”, without quotes. The first result was the right result, and I took a screenshot to demonstrate the features. How will it compete against Thunderbird’s RSS?

Well, in Thunderbird, you can edit the title for a feed. In Google Reader, you can’t. This is especially bad when you grab feeds from posts, instead of the main page, as they grab the name of the post in the blog title. Sure, when you read the blog this is corrected by using the title from the feed, but that doesn’t update (as it should) the title of the blog in your feeds list. You can’t edit it either. You have to go back and unsubscribe, search for the blog you just unsubscribed from, and subscribe to the mainpage. But, searching for a feed URL works fine, one just pastes the URL in the search box, hits enter, then accepts the ‘found’ feed with the proper title (taken from the feed!).

Now if only the reader allowed one to export OPML or whatever that stuff is that allows you to get the list of RSS feeds, I could set that as my “blogroll” and I’d be set. Too bad I can’t unsubscribe. It happens, it says it happens, I can refresh as much as I want, but that goddamn thing is still in my ‘subscriptions’.


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