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Glad I asked October 25, 2005

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I opened flock just to write a blog entry.

Anyway, Wal-mart’s website listed oct 24 as the release date for LCS, so I visited the nearby Walmart yesterday.  The one that’s on highway 49 and is always crowded heavily.  The one that had 3 games left in their PSP case.  They said if it wasn’t in the shelves they didn’t have it.

Today I went to another walmart, the one in d’iberville.  I asked the girl, and she asked another girl, who said it wasn’t out yet.  I said yeah it was, so they checked  It was.

The second girl went to the back and got me my game.  Yeah, I’m glad I asked.

Only downside?  It requires the 2.0 firmware.  The 2.5 is the latest, and it’s really hard to find 2.00 (there was a 2.01 which prevented a overflow flaw in 2.0 which was used to downgrade to 1.0 and upgrade to 1.50).  However, the game comes with 2.00, so if in the future I want to, I can still haxx0r my PSP.  It’s my console, I bought it with money, I’ll put software on it as I like.  Hopefully a mozilla based web browser will soonly be one of those pieces of software.

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2 Responses to “Glad I asked”

  1. Dave Says:

    Fight the power, Dave.
    EFF their asses or I’ll kick you square in the norts.

  2. Tom Says:

    I can always redowngrade if someone releases a umdemulator that’ll run it on 1.5. It’s legal because, hell, I OWN THE GODDAMN GAME.

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