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so i got a psp October 25, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 12:08 am

on oct 15 I think, or the 16, either of those.

it was $250 at kmart, and i got the $30 two year warranty which covers everything. I wish I had gotten my ibook there, for if I did, i’d have a new one today. that’s right, everything.

and a few days later, sony says “you know what tom, you spent nearly $300 on a psp value pack and $105 on a sandisk 1gb memory stick duo so you could do crazy stuff with said psp, and now, i’ll just render that waste of cash a waste of time“. yep, the fuckers add $20 to the price and add a crapload of goodies, most notably a 1gb memory card and a dock for the thing. aw man, that’s a nice deal.

oh well, it’ll probably have the 2.5+ firmware, whereas mine was rolled back to 1.5 so i could run homebrew (sonic on my psp, a dream made reality). it’s the price you pay for freedom.

edit (nov 20, 2005): THE DAMN THING IS 2.0! DOWNGRADABLE! Congratulations those who waited!


2 Responses to “so i got a psp”

  1. […] I, being a rabid psp fanatic, was the first to rush in a note to boingboing about the new hax. Being in a rush, I wrote the blog link ending in .org instead of .com. Hopefully those of you who know about corrected the url yourself. Now that I noticed it, I’ve contacted Cory about the problem, and someday he might fix it. […]

  2. psp Says:

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