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Firefox coin for sale October 28, 2005

Filed under: General,Katrina,Mozilla — Tom @ 11:43 am

only slightly damaged, just some flood waters from katrina. The thing looks fine, really, I just meant to say it got wet.

I don’t know how much to charge for it etc, I want to put it on ebay as a fundraiser for me, actually. You may have heard our house got flooded. Well, I’ve got this coin (pen included too, the little red light doesnt work anymore though) from when firefox hit 25 million downloads. They made 100 total, and I got one. I could part with it for what one might call “a lot of money”. I’m expecting thousands. Heck, if I got thousands, I’d donate some to Mozilla or Katrina victims, or whatever the buyer preferred (except himself, heh).

Do you think it’d work? How much do you think it could go for? I know, it’s a collectors item, and I somehow earned it. Well, we need money. Really. Plus, the coin would go to a better home where someone would put it on his mantle in a decorative case, I would hope. I don’t really have a mantle right now.


4 Responses to “Firefox coin for sale”

  1. sfx Says:

    Author : sfx (IP: ,


  2. Tom Says:

    Thanks, since you didn’t provide any identification (and thus, backing) for your accusation, I added some in for you.

    Just because you don’t think it’s worth anything doesn’t invalidate the many many comments at sfx which involved users asking to purchase such a coin, and that they be auctioned off. I feel that if someone wants it that much, they can pay for it, and help me out at the same time.

  3. ivanii Says:

    I am not sure how much you can get, but I am really sorry about your situation.

    It is great that you want to donate part of the money for Mozilla, but I don’t think that you should do that in such case.

    I wish you good luck Tom.


  4. Kris Silver Says:

    Hi Tom. ivanni and are are on the team working on a new, better SFx. All of the team agree’s we’d like to help you with this, especially in this situation, your a valued member and contributor to Fx, SFx and all related things.

    Please check your email/SFx private messages for more details on how we thought we could do this, and get back to us. All the best, hope your well 😉
    Kris Silver

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