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sex sells October 28, 2005

Filed under: General,Mozilla — Tom @ 12:24 pm

because of this, i’ve contacted the person in these photos asking if she was interested in doing any real promotional materials, like better edited photos (mainly featuring firefox in the foreground as well as her, instead of just a monitor behind distracting legs) for banners / posters. Maybe even a video ad, since a hot chick telling people (mainly guys i guess, and i suppose a few women) to use a browser which has zero popups (with the new ‘no popups from flash’ feature anyway) would suggest to the guys who visit ‘those kind of sites’ that it’s a good browser for that.

also, i hate this keyboard. lshift is broken and the / and ‘ keys dont stay on, so badly that i had to remove the keys entirely and just tab the nubs. 😦


2 Responses to “sex sells”

  1. Ledoc Says:

    Why not!
    And What was her answer to that question?? 😉

  2. Tom Says:

    why not what?

    also, she’s not interested in video right now because she’s nervous in front of a camera, and I can understand that. she is interested in the photo ad thing but wants to get peoples opinions from the sfx forum first, so make sure to post encouraging things i suppose.

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