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I love cableone (and by love i mean loathe) October 31, 2005

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Unless you live in an area no normal cableco will serve, you haven’t heard of Cableone, “The one you count on”. A few nights ago, friday I believe, mom got a call from CableOne saying they’d be sending a guy out wednesday to hook up our cable. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was the installation of the new package I had ordered on Oct. 16, I think. I thought, “Finally, after two months we’ll finally have cable”. They knew we needed a new drop (the lines are down from the street to our house, and from the source to our street, STILL.) as I had told them on the phone in september, in person in early october (when returning our ruined cableboxes), and on the phone on oct 16 (i told them we had no cable and no cables, being they were down).

Mom went in today to see if they were going to bring the cable boxes and modem, since we’d think a normal repair crew wouldn’t have that. She said they would. Mom said we don’t have cable yet. The lady was confused. Mom explained the lines were down to the house.

CableOne pretended we had never, ever, ever told them that.

“We can’t install cable if you don’t have it!”

Thanks cableone, you forgot and forgot and forgot. And then you wanted to start charging us near $100 a month for a package deal we can’t receive, before giving us any cable at all. Ace.

They did send us a bill, or something, even though they promised to not charge until we had cable back, for everyone. I made sure to always mention that when I was on the phone to them, I don’t like paying for a service I can’t receive.



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