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Thank hell for the vocal minority November 1, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 9:02 am

I love the ones who speak like they know the majority too. Just search the µtorrent forums for RSS and you’ll see users claiming RSS is used only by pirates to download TV shows. Wow, really? There’s also PSPcasting now and Videoblogging which uses RSS, which someone does bring up. Others then claim that if it keeps getting features, it’ll be shitty like Azureus (which is only shitty because it needs Java, if it was rewritten to be the exact same in every way except in a better language like C++ it would be much faster) and bogged down with features only 1% need.

I hate you guys. I want to make µtorrent my main client, but I want RSS. I really had it set up nice. I planned on using even nicer, to start downloading a new fansub that is supposedly pretty good. The other neat use is to setup dedicated torrent servers. If you want to start a torrent site and be the one seeder, thats cool, but it works better when you have a client listening to RSS and grabbing the file off you, providing at least 1 permanent seed (granted, it’d be speedcapped so that it wouldn’t waste all the bandwidth for the month) and therefore reliability. I was thinking of doing it for (A SA only tracker for legal only files, usually homemade videos by goons) to provide better usage, but he doesn’t provide RSS.


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