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See a need, fill a need November 2, 2005

Filed under: General,Mozilla — Tom @ 9:15 am

It’s a line from Robots which explains the process of inventing at its simplest. Entrepreneur says, “Marketing isn’t just about products—it’s about the people who buy them, ” in its June 2000 article Sex Sells!. The Age says Gen X knows this, and since Gen X is the one who parents claim know how to ‘use’ the computer, why not sell Firefox to them?

But there are consequences to this. Brand Autopsy has the pdfs for the recent MediaAnalyzer survey which concludes, simply, Sex Sells … To Men … If They Remember the Brand. Well hrm. They mention in the comments to that last link that Marissa Tomei was in a Hanes commercial, and it didn’t really take long for someone to remember it was a hanes ad. Although, people probably knew of hanes already. Perhaps, perhaps, people remembered the brand and the ad differently. If firefox used it, for example, they’d recall firefox when they saw it mentioned, which would reinforce the idea and get him or her to give it a try. Who knows.

Why did I make this post? a little bit of comment discussion, that’s all.


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