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A necessary evil delays the other November 8, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 11:52 am

We still don’t have cable. Monday morning the cabletruck came in our yard, dropped a big spool next to the midway pole, and left. They did some stuff outside, but then left. Why? Why abandon a job?

The garbageworkers, which had come in midseptember once I think, had begun their second cleanup our street. Yeah, we like that the big heaps of trash are leaving, but to be quite honest I’d have preferred cable. The garbage trucks are still here today, and we still don’t have cable. To add insult to injury, my internet (a verizon wireless card provided by a friend who had it, and who wants it back as soon as I get cable) was out all morning until like 4pm due to a tower being down or iffy. It really sucked, since our entertainment is 90% internet right now, as we don’t have the afforementioned cable.

Edit: Update, cableco came back and did some wiring, but we’re still not fully connected as of tonight. Even tested the line coming off the pole just in case the house wiring sucked.

Edit (Nov 20): still no cable, so they were called again a few days ago. theres maybe 100yds or so on the street not connected and the cable has been laying there on the roll for over a week. Hopefully they will come out soon because I miss tv and internet with low ping times.


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