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Let’s use the sauce to bind our media November 8, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 2:03 am

Introductory article (found mid-write): Media center

Microsoft seems to have started the real craze with Media Center. Now that MCE is in 2005 (having seen version blank and version 2004, both not available as retail) and is more open to new video cards etc, alternatives have sprung up. Companies were using similar things that didn’t provide as many features with their remote control type products, for example Logitech’s Medialife which came with my lx700. My vaio has something on it called VAIO Zone which enables me to manage music (the point I want to note here is a music server thing), videos, photos, and dvds/cds. Apple even entered the market with Front Row (no doubt alluding to a direct hit to MCE with an osx for x86 and a competitor to ms’s mce).

I don’t however have all these, yet I’d want some kind of way for them to talk to each other. Apparently my Vaio can connect to a media server (but it doesn’t explain much about what that is). It can also record tv shows if a tuner is connected. I think the whole connected lifestyle, sharing all your content between all your machines, is really neat. I would think it neater to be able to not be tied to a certain thing, so are there any “translator” projects, if they are needed? What talks to what?

It’s when I write something like this I realize I’m a hopeless geek.


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