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“Web 2.0” Homepages November 10, 2005

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While I too hate the whole web 2.0 hype, the idea is about a more advanced website than the one we see today.  I prefer to call it the Semantic Web as the creator of the web does… just seems more proper to keep in step with the king.  As well, unlike Web 2.0, the semantic web is actually defined (ironicly, the web2.0 page is marked as too confusing for readers, since it’s hard to write a page about something that isn’t properly definable).

Anyway, if we’re going to create a browser (Flock) to better integrate with the semantic web (and therefore the nothing that web 2.0 adds other than buzz), we should do it right.  Why force people to find the good web 2.0 sites on their own?  I mean sure, flock points them at and Flickr immediately (the former of which refuses to let me type a post body), but is that really the best examples?  I’m thinking they need to show off Netvibes and other AJAX desktops.

Why not as well throw up a gmail invite spooler on, and if the creator of the blog didn’t sign up with a gmail address offer one link to create one (and then no more)?  This allows users who still haven’t made it in to have a chance.  That, or show off the new yahoo mail based on oddpost.

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9 Responses to ““Web 2.0” Homepages”

  1. I dig the idea of a “semantic desktop in a bag” concept… I.e. if you’re new to all this haute tech, download Flock and get your choice of 3 photo services, 3 blog services, and so on — obviously focusing on open source tools. Start a wiki page on what should go into our offerings!

  2. Lloyd D Budd Says:

    Chris that is an excellent suggestion with updated user research, and usability investigation to back it up!

  3. flocktest Says:

    Any progress with this? Have you found other people to collaberate with? Maybe consider emailing Flockstars.

  4. tomsucks Says:

    my laziness knows no bounds

    i had a list of homepage services but i’ll probably end up making a list in the coming days and then let users use that to vote on what they liked most, since the idea is to have variety i would think.

  5. […] This is the much requested poor excuse for a followup to Web 2.0 Homepages. I just saw Ajax Desktops Won’t Stop, which adds eskobo to the list. I still don’t have cable internet (i have cable tv and connected the modem directly to the outside line, still not finding a signal) so I haven’t had the chance to do like the comments to the last post requested, but I hope to sometime in the near future.   […]

  6. Katie Says:

    Why this topic is the place to bring up the idea of the semantic web has me feeling a bit confused about the implied intersection of the function of web2.0 and the ultimate goal (which is arguably related to the “2.0” “bubble” at all) of the semantic web. The obvious goal in tech is to come up with innovations which are “more advanced” and just because semantic logic can be argued to be “more advanced” doesn’t mean it in any way aligns with innovations happening now which make javascript &dynamic pages useful.

    In fact, I believe assigning whatever meaning web 2.0 might have (for someone who hates hype) to the idea of the semantic web to be the very definition of hype.

  7. tomsucks Says:

    Katie: The way I see it, the fad that is Web 2.0 is not necessarily the Web 2.0 (next version of the web, the semantic web) that TBL talks about. When I say Web 2.0, I might be talking about the fad, but the real web 2.0 is the semantic web, whenever that comes about.

    RSS is, to some, a very good step towards semantics, and a popular cornerstone of Web 2.0 (the fad). As well, tagging makes sorting things more semantic than folders, since things can be assigned multiple tags (or keywords). Web 2.0 Homepages, however, is the term taken from TechCrunch.

    Some of these homepages make the web more semantic, and I would like to think that NetVibes is one that achieves this.

  8. samfind Says:

    Lets see if anyone makes a better Web 2.0 homepage.

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