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Mechanical Turk and Flock November 12, 2005

Filed under: Flock — Tom @ 8:23 pm

Amazon’s new mturk service is neat in that through a little bit of image glancing and squinting for address numbers, one can make 3 cents in less than a minute. Sure, it’s chump change, but when I’ve got nothing else to do, what’s wrong with some hot or not type stuff for free money (mainly to spend at the company store, which I was going to do anyway before mturk showed up).

I’d use flock more if it could preload and accept new hits, since I can discard them or actually do them. Not that many, just one or two, so that I would be able to not have to wait for the hit to load, I could just go on and do it. This increases productivity, and a browser that helps me make more money in less time is definately a good thing.

“Get flock and get paid”, well if that’s not a damn good way to spread a browser, I don’t know what is. Sure, you can convert users to firefox and get a dollar, but that might happen once or twice a day. You could make multiples of dollars an hour with flock’s mturk integration (i hope).

My current attack vector is load 2 or 3 hits in different tabs, accept, and go through them finishing and loading another, etc. It works. The other thing I’d like is for it to use amazon web services to perhaps remove the need for loading pages, as well as show me how much I’ve made and my current accepted:rejected:pending ratio. I guess that can be done in an extension, but that’d be pretty advanced for one.

I’m tired 😦

also someone make a plugin to show me the money a:r:p in the sidebar 😉


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