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Sony is going down (i hope) November 13, 2005

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What with ATO Records encouraging people to break it’s DRM, which turns out to be a blackhat rootkit, that’s bound to get some hate. Then you go and make it worse by updating your rootkit with a worse one (details), helping people cheat at WoW, oh man. Sure, anydvd can crack it but is the average user going to be able to do anything about that? They hate their customers, apparently, as well.

Although people are sueing sony, it just gets worse. While they claim to have stopped, the old cds are still in stores everywhere. People finally put the first article about suncomm with the current article about first4internet and found there’s another DRM on there. They’re preventing you from having garage sales, and now the rootkit uninstaller leaves you vulnerable (but there’s already a virus for it).

It doesn’t stop there, the rootkit (a different variety) infects mac users too. The DRM infringes copyrights. So now there’s a list of bad cds you can use if you like.


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