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xeni strikes again December 16, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 8:33 pm

another reason i need to get greasemonkey and the remove-xeni-posts script.

Photoset of vintage porn photos taped to the outside of boxes that once held rolls of 8mm film. Sexually explicit, NSFW. Link to B&W set, Link to color.

The problem with the post called Vintage 8mm porn photos is that both links dont let me view as the images are private (even if i log in to flickr). Grah.

(xeni it would have been nice if you somehow got the image links for each image from your cache and provided the list, private images can be viewed if you know the images url)


2 Responses to “xeni strikes again”

  1. Rev. Slaughter Says:

    I received a notice that I was “posting photographs that are inappropriate for Public areas on Flickr.”

    Well, some people are offended by boobs, I’m offended by lame family photos. But guess who’s protected!

    So, in order for fleshbot readers to see the pictures, they’ve now got to add me as a contact and I’ll add them as a friend.

    I paid $25 bucks so some goddamn nanny can tell me I shouldn’t be putting up “adult content”? I hope one of these old broads is someone at flickr’s mother. Terms of Service too general!


    Kevin I. Slaughter

  2. Tom Says:

    Actually theres a thing you can click on the side that flags the photo as adults only.

    Have you seen Especially Boobs all over, most disguised as art (some not really art but more ugly goth girl trying to get attention, but oh well).

    Yahoo! supports 18+ groups, flickr should support 18+ photos.

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