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Filesystem 2.0 December 17, 2005

Filed under: General — Tom @ 10:26 am

While we do have google desktop and that stuff, Id like to add tags to files and folders. Lets say i have games I downloaded, and id like to tag them action, and adventure, and maybe fps, rpg, whatever! i dont want to have to look at the list of games i have and determine for myself which genre they are in…

as well, one could use it for videos, to mark if they are drama or comedy or both, and so on and so forth. id like to have this ability.

mo data, mo betta. meta data 😉

(p.s. the filesystem 2.0 name is a joke on web 2.0, which appears to be mainly tagging)


6 Responses to “Filesystem 2.0”

  1. Eric Scalf Says:

    Shouldn’t be too hard for some windows coder to write a filesystem ad-on to do just that. Of course, per Windows requirements, it’ll take a ton of memory.

    Also, of course, before too long, a mac lifehacker will come out with one, I mean, that’s pretty much guarenteed. They get all of the neat toys.

  2. Tom Says:

    The nice bit about the mac hacker coming out with one means a linux version wouldnt be too hard behind, and Im comfortable with a switch if I can get video for windows working properly in WINE. maybe cedega would do it.

  3. Bill Hatfield Says:

    Windows Vista from Microsoft will be followed within months by an updated file system called WinFS. It essentially turns the file system into a SQL Server database which will store files with tags and make it searchable based on those tags. Of course that release is about a year off…

  4. Tom Says:

    i dont want it just in WinFS, I want it in linux too. and yes, i know of winfs, and i really think a few months after vista is a really early goal, it will probably be much longer.

  5. trj Says:

    I had the same idea a while ago. Tagclouds that appear when I browse files. The link above it a guy who’s working on one approach.

  6. […] under: Uncategorized — Tom Sucks @ 12:24 am Apparently spotlight metadata is good, but Filesystem 2.0 comes closer to reality with Punakea. […]

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