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Blizzard doesnt listen to its players (ok well me) December 19, 2005

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While the stable bug is fixed (I used to be able to stable my pet, when Im not supposed to since I can spawn any of my pets at any time, where hunters need stables), I was just given false hope today. I wish I could direct link to the news article, but the best I can do is link to the main page and suggest you CTRL+F Warcraft MP3 Player. Once they copy it over to the December 2005 Archive, you can access it there (it was posted on the 16th).

Anyway, back in fukkin BETA I suggested a built in mp3 player that also did streams so that I could listen to mp3s in fullscreen WoW, and not have to alt tab out to control Winamp. I saw this today and thought KICKIN RAD.

Image Hosted by

Too bad it was just a mockup and its a web only mp3 player. 😡


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