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People who make “them” believe TCPM is the answer December 21, 2005

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I present to you: blackhat for life. A blog I was introduced to by the wordpress dashboard, linked to a friend, who stated something similar to the title:

him: reading it and I already see why we’re getting Trusted Computing
this is not true
the guy doesnt even think about what he writes
my opposing view: A gas stove was meant to cook food, but if you use it (improperly) you can blow up a house..
just like Trusted Computing, they CAN put in some prevention for it, (but it would be too expensive)
this guy gets an F for excessive usage of “FUCK” and also not realizing that his opinions suck and need more background
whered you get the link to that site
me: wordpress dashboard
him: what are your opinions on the blackhat for life page
me: i dont know

I have not yet formed said opinion.


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