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Asa Dotzler is a bit of a jerk, amirite?!? December 23, 2005

Filed under: Flock,Mozilla,Mozilla Firefox — Tom @ 12:54 am

Asa Dotzlar started it all with a jab at Flock, which I am proud to be the first one to notice, apparently.

Hah, a direct jab at Flock! IMPRESSIVE.
Posted by: Tom on December 20, 2005 12:32 PM

Today I caught a TechCrunch post detailing the response to said jab, which unfortunately did not include this comment on Assas blog.

This just in: Mozilla really isn’t interested in promoting choice on the web!

C’mon Asa, that’s a cheap shot.

We’re all part of the same family here and I’m still a firm Firefox advocate and promote you guys as much as I promote Flock. Don’t you think that there might be some sense in actually pushing each other’s mutual causes and working together to fight the 800-lb gorilla rather than tearing at each?

I mean, hey man, can’t we all just get along? Or is there only room for 6 Mozilla-derivitive browsers and not 7… or however many there are these days? 😛

Posted by: Chris Messina on December 20, 2005 05:23 PM

Go Flock Yourself is much better.


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