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Attention, Dave Hoffman December 23, 2005

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Reader comment: Dave Hoffman says,

My iPod charges via firewire. My laptop doesn’t have a firewire port. I have to charge it from my desktop or from the wall.

Dave: Ok, iPods came with both USB and Firewire cables, the end result is the same. They come with usb now, and the only wall charger they sell is the USB Power Adapter. They now come with just USB, and thus he could still charge his iPod via said USB. I however dont know exactly which iPod the VP has, so you may have a point. Odds are in my favor.

Research shows the iPod was a 2003 Christmas Gift, which Applepedia claims was a 3rd gen (dock) iPod, sans firewire connector. Thus, it was probably USB, and I am most likely right. (p.s. the only problem would be if someone else did have iTunes and decided to be evil and format the ipod when it was connected when given the option to do so, which cheney would probably just have them fired over and have that be that).

The other option, of course, would have been to use power strips.


2 Responses to “Attention, Dave Hoffman”

  1. Mike Says:

    sorry, but you’re a bit off here.

    The 3rd Gen iPod connects to your computer via firewire and the 3rd Gen box supplies an iPod-firewire connector (no USB).

    What the Applepedia article is talking about is the removal of the firewire female port on the ipod itself, which was replaced by a proprietary-to-ipod port. The end of the wire that connects to the computer is still firewire.

    In addition, the 3G cannot charge via USB if you buy an iPod-USB connector. Just doesn’t work the 3G.Therefore, the only way to charge it is either through a laptop with a firewire port or through an outlet adapter.

    How do I know all this?
    I own a 3G iPod and it also happened to be a 2003 Christmas gift.

  2. tomsucks Says:

    Thanks for the submission.

    P.S., they sell firewire PCMCIA cards. I have ways around logic (being that nobody would have one).

    Anyway, I was wrong. Thanks for pointing that out, now I am enlightened.

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