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Rapidshare December 27, 2005

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This is the post many google searches will find, due to the incredible amount of searches for intitle:rapidshare intext:login that bring people here.

I’m not sharing my rapidshare login, buttmonkeys.


7 Responses to “Rapidshare”

  1. Garf Says:

    …searches for vulnerabilities on tomsuck’s sight….er, hi tom! You suck! 🙂

  2. tomsucks Says:

    You’re welcome, the reason I get the search results is another post on the site where I discuss a linux program to grab rapidshare files (for perhaps a mirror which would not require the waiting, etc). It involved the word login and the word rapidshare, so it got a lot of hits.

  3. how re u? not understand

  4. Dick Says:

    Hey suck my dick asshole

  5. tomsucks Says:

    Hey dick:

    Everybody was coming to that page, so I made this entry. I’m glad you hate me. PAY FOR YOUR OWN DAMN ACCOUNT.

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