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boekhoff sucks January 1, 2006

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thank god for digg am i rite, it lacks a system to let good comments float to the top so its worthless to post anything good after theres 50 comments (i wont even read past that, i dont have the time)

Lets start from the beginning:

Majordad1984 is startled to learn that Best Buy has Web Only deals, prices so low they are only available on the website. I know Circuit City does this too, pro tip: a certain $2500 (now $2100) Quismo is almost always $300 less on the website, but you cannot buy accidental coverage on website items (if you pay $2100 for a laptop, why would you not spend another $400 to make sure if you drop it and crack the screen or spill shit on it that you will be covered???).

Anyway, from that link someone goes “oh circuit city is worse”, and diggs their blog. Let me explain why boekhoff (current asshole) sucks…

On the blogpost, boekhoff explains that circuit city listed the toshiba laptop she (i guess she, by the color of the page) bought had a parallel port. she didnt look at the back of the display unit to make sure, and was pissed she had to pay a restocking fee when she wanted to return it. pro tip: most laptops these days dont come with a parallel since usb printers are so damn popular, you have to either get a usb to parallel (cheaper in the long run to buy a new printer, as less wear and tear on the new one so it will last longer than the old one you are just finding a workaround for) or a port replicator.

Anyway, thats not the problem here. She blames circuit city, when they are not the only ones to list this laptop as having a parallel port. Office depot does as well, and so does the official toshiba website. Do you know _why_ they all list this? Toshiba told them it, and so they posted it. The fact that they were wrong themselves meant circuit city became wrong, not on purpose. At least cc removed it from their site when they found out it was wrong.

At least they fixed the selphy page to show it needs an adapter now. It did not say that before, and just listed it took xD.


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