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No USA PSX sucks January 16, 2006

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First things first: This post may contain seemingly racist remarks. You have no idea how wrong you are. I am not a racist, I am just relaying my experiences.

Recently, a black man (woah woah woah why you be discriminatin, well i’ll get to that) said in a major electronics store that he went to japan and played the playstation3 to another black man, who was himself playing on a xbox 360. The second man of course believed the first man because, brotha aint gonna lie to a brotha rite?!?

I immediately remembered how in 1998/99 (not sure which, was in the 90s tho) I was informed by a black man who claimed to be japanese and travel to japan all the time to be with his relatives that he had played on the playstation 2 in japan. This man was quite impressed with my tech knowledge, yet was decidedly determined that he had played a ps2, an item not even released in japan. Of course, neither is the PS3, but the second man in my lovely ps3/360 story honestly believed the first gentleman, as nobody in america researches things they are interested in. It’s insane.

Anyway, the point is this: People keep saying they want a ps3, they believe the 360 sucks, and for some reason sony doesn’t think the PSX will sell here. I don’t see why, stores ran out of the ps2 at christmas 2005 (still running out OMGZ) and ran out of psps, or came close to. The PSX would do a lot better in the US than Japan, as the 360 is doing great in the US but there are tons of unpurchased units in Japan because nobody wants microsoft’s crap. This post should read as this next sentence:

I want to buy a PSX.


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