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What the f was that, Weather Channel? January 23, 2006

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I was recording storm stories directly to DVD because mom wanted to, and while I was able to record the show, it got to a commercial and popped up a huge warning message, this show has been protected by copyright and cannot be legally copied, and stopped the recording right there. This was a scheduled recording, and once the message went away, the recording did not resume.

The RCA DRC 8310 didn’t resume recording, I had to manually start recording again. What commercial killed it? A local car salesmans ad. I don’t know why he wouldn’t want people to watch his ad when someone watches their recorded TV show, he must be a dumbass. If I find out who it was, I will be calling them and complaining.

Is this an early form of the broadcast flag already in production? If so, can anyone tell me how to fix this, either in software or in hardware (I am not afraid of soddering, I will just bring it down to college and have the smart kid in electronics fix it), short of telling RCA to fuck off and give me all my money back so I can buy something which won’t shit itself at the first sign of copyrighted material? I could tolerate it if it decided to not record a commercial and record the rest, that would be fine, but if it stops recording a scheduled recording at 20 minutes into an hour of recording, and fails to resume, then obviously SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE.

edit: it happened again and it was right before the show so the timer wouldnt let me record until like 10 seconds in – post a hack for me thanks


4 Responses to “What the f was that, Weather Channel?”

  1. Danny O'Brien Says:

    This sounds like your box is responding to a CGSM-A signal, an analog form of “broadcast flag” which is voluntarily obeyed by some DVD recorders.

    Can you take a picture of the screen next time it happens? People should see what a broadcast flag looks like in action, and how disruptive it can be.

  2. tomsucks Says:

    Thanks Danny, I suppose I will. At the time, it was more important to get the show onto the DVD.

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  4. Danny Wilson Says:

    Everyone sucks, thank you all for sucking so bad. It just gives me something to complain about.

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