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Foreign scam artists suck ok?:( February 17, 2006

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Sound Off – Feb 15, 2006

I was duped

• I just read about someone calling saying they got a call from someone wanting to give them a $5,000 grant and wanted to know if someone else had gotten a call. I did get that call, and I gave them my checking information and lost $298. It was fraudulent. I lost my money. I was stupid about it. It is going around, and people are still calling.

Keep it private

• I just received a call from a guy who said he was from the U.S. government wanting to award me a grant and wanted my checking account number. Of course, I refused to give it, but this should be a warning to people to please be cautious. Do not give out bank account information on the phone.

I was hoping I could find some kind of way for them to trace the call my mom just got from what mom described as a foreigner, apparently paki or something, wanting this exact information for a 6k grant, but the guy claimed it was her income tax refund. WE HAVENT EVEN SENT OURS IN.

How come I can’t run the *73 (i think it was) trace on this guy and let the law handle it? It’s easier to take down a phishing site than a phishing phone call? Oh god.


One Response to “Foreign scam artists suck ok?:(”

  1. Flab Says:

    There are so many ways to obfuscate the origin of a phone call. In the “good old days” it involved conning local ops to place calls for you, but now most of the switched phone service is digital (read: endlessly hackable).

    For the one who has a little imagination (and an internet connection) it is pretty easy (and cheap) to cover your traces.

    Some people learn the hard way not to trust strangers.

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