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These advertisements are copyrighted, jerk! February 17, 2006

Filed under: DRM — Tom @ 4:04 am

You try to record my FANTASTIC $AVING$, and I will freaking cut you!

A photoset!, ON FLICKR! LIVE shots of the broadcast flag in action! Whatever you were recording will stop and won’t start back up, even when the ad is over. Isn’t that rad? The easiest way to tell if whatever you bought will do it, watch the weather channel, it’s the one that is the fastest to show an ad with this protection in my testing (I was watching the olympics which I would suspect would do it but it didnt happen for like an hour so I switched to the weather channel and almost immediately got a killer). Make sure your new dvd recorder doesn’t pull this and if it does return it and bring photos of the screen if possible, maybe stay around and make sure nobody else buys that projector, write your paper, just make sure that any company that helps this evil scheme (record your shows to dvd, the salesman says, hell no, the tv replies) fails it.

RCA fails it.

Past coverage: What was that, weather channel?


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