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Futuristic Sex Robotz lyric for Asa February 25, 2006

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From Welcome to the Internet:

PC Speaker:
sit back, cause I got a little story to tell,
and no I’m not talkin about no AOL,
I’m talkin about how FireFox saved me from browser hell,
while I was usin Internet Explorer on my DSL,
FireFox 0.3, it spoke to me,
it said “I’ll make your life better than you ever could dream,
I’ll get rid of all those pop-ups for free MP3s,
and I’ll blow spyware’s head off while it’s down on its knees”

Futuristic Sex Robotz, always on the scene,
and we’ll heat up your case just like an Athlon XP,
we don’t have no love for the internet skeeze,
cause our PayPal accounts are overflowing with green

PC Speaker:
Yo, if you were spyware, you can’t hear this shit anymore because you’re fuckin dead, motherfucker. We bustin up the block with our iced out modded cases and 120mm Punisher fan-grills, motherfucker, and if your Mom talks shit to us, we’ll kill her and burn her in a motherfuckin van, motherfucker, and write about that shit in our LiveJournals, motherfucker, and if you want somethin crazy, like pineapple, fuck you, we’ll kill you motherfucker.

Take that, Mr. Dotzler!


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