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The return of Winamp 3 February 27, 2006

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Winamp 5.2 is terrible, especially if you ever used the shoutcast radio shit. I liked before when you downloaded an xml file and were able to just type in with find as you type results. Now we’re subjected to internet explorer used as the list and must actually click to see more. Most likely this is just a new way for AOL to insert ads.

However, there is a fix, which I would reccomend downloading and mirroring as soon as possible. If this is not actually 5.13 I have my copy of the installer still.


3 Responses to “The return of Winamp 3”

  1. Flab Says:

    This one should be in everyone’s toolbox. Whenever you upgrade and realize “The old version was so much better, what were they thinking?”

  2. Flock Sucks Says:

    The oldversion guy is a goon and is ok with the fact that has links to spyware/adware. Everyone flamed him for that and I agree.

  3. Winamp Sucks Says:

    the 5.13 hack wont work anymore as AOL have now shut down the xml service, you just get a message telling you to upgrade

    5.2 media lib has webbug tracking links embedded ( and advertising, its also listed at tucows as “adware” because of the aol adverts and bundled emusic, predix components

    we all knew that AOL would fill it with advertising and spyware, mission accomplished

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