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Unison needs better disk i/o but Transmit is great March 13, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tom @ 6:26 am

Yeah, I have tried OneButton FTP and Fugu (which is really close to transmit in UI, surprisingly), but Transmit wins for a few reasons:

  • It can do SFTP, while OneButton can’t. Fugu can.
  • It can transfer folders over SFTP. Fugu says SFTP can’t do folders yet, and thus I must use SCP, which gives me the opportunity to use the horrible (type in the remote folder and local folder) SCP UI. Transmit knows SFTP can’t transfer folders, but it can do CD and make a copy of the directory structure! Filezilla also knows how to fake it in this manner.
  • Just works

Unison however makes my disk tick tick tick as it fucking sucks. I have 1.5gb of ram, why don’t you fucking use it instead of pecking away at my disk in bursts and thus help ensure its untimely death? It’s pretty retarded, especially when you look at all the torrent clients that have figured out to wait until a chunk is done to write it.


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