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netflix and gamefly are as slow as each other March 21, 2006

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Let’s start from the beginning:

People said netflix was a lot faster to ship to your house than gamefly because gamefly is in california and netflix is all over. This makes sense.

I signed up for gamefly Feb 1 for two reasons: 1, I was thinking about it, and 2, it was the first of the month so I can easily remember when I’ll be billed. I added some games to my queue and they were shipped that evening, around 5pm my time (3 theirs). I liked how quick it was, and the game arrived thursday (feb 4). I thought “hey, they must have fixed their probs, people said gamefly was slow”.

Monday I signed up for netflix since the trial was free, around noon my time. I added a ton of movies and the estimate was that they would be shipped tuesday. They did ship today and their estimated delivery is thursday. Apparently they ship items the next day, and then it takes 1 day to actually get there. This makes netflix and gamefly the exact same speed, but gamefly would be faster if I were closer to them (and netflix is slow even though I am close to them, by virtue of them having 23 locations).

The end result: Gamefly is slower than it could be because of it’s location, and netflix isn’t any better because they delay shipping.

ADDITION: Gamefly got my games -fast return-, meaning they’re scanned in at the USPO. My next games are going to arrive probably on thursday or friday. If they arrive thursday, Gamefly is actually faster than netflix, at least initially (for netflix). I’ll be noting the times for the next few weeks in iCal and determining true speed.


2 Responses to “netflix and gamefly are as slow as each other”

  1. netslix Says:

    it is kind of slow, but i think it’s worth it, any idea if it’s possible to copy the disks and then send them back 😛

  2. Flock Sucks Says:

    It’s as possible as with any DVD. However a rental service like this is good for me because I typically don’t watch something repeatedly, so why own the DVD? If only they had a keepit feature like gamefly, because some movies I actually would like to keep. Yes, I know they have a store, but it sucks because you can’t search it, if you search you get the rental page, and if a movie is available for both rent and purchase they don’t let you know that on the rental page.


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