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Trial dependance March 28, 2006

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So, I’ve bought Transmit and Unison. Transmit was purchased mere moments before I found cyberduck, but I dare not use it for fear I might like it. I already bought transmit and I really happen to be quite fond of that, at the moment.

I also bought Netflix Freak, but that’s because I love it. I think the shareware wasn’t time limited, but hey, for $15, who cares?

I also bought MacPar and Split & Concat, both free software. MacPar just wanted to be registered as the mere joke of not nagging for donations, so I paid $15 since it seriously works well. Split & Concat also works well, but is only worth $15 to me (i considered $10 but I felt that would make the author feel like his work sucks, when it doesn’t. 15 was the lowest suggested).

I even bough iPSP for $20 since it seems to work well at what I wanted it to do, and since there’s also a windows version it may be more useful than I thought. Anything that means I don’t have to use ffmpeg is a plus. At least, not at the command line.

The only things I was really forced into buying sooner than expected was transmit and unison, the other stuff wasn’t so bitchy about it. I hope I don’t go into overdraft fees for Unison.


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