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In a time where Web 2.0 roams the open web… April 3, 2006

Filed under: Flock — Tom @ 9:42 pm

Team GFY has dissolved. I’ve lost the ability to do anything in the admin console, except view the dashboard. I can’t find out who’s posting the dumb self destruction posts, and I can’t interrupt them. Of course, that inability to interrupt may be on purpose.

With the notorious instability of Bart Decrem’s shitty company ideas that he doesn’t know how to manage to fruition, it’s pissing me off that Flock is lasting longer than FlockSucks.

In summation: Screaming Eagle U.S.A. is a Canuck who loves George W. Bush. There’s actually no joke here, that’s just a fact.


2 Responses to “In a time where Web 2.0 roams the open web…”

  1. farlane Says:

    That is a bummer, both the outlasted by Flock part and the Canuck Bush fan.

  2. Montoya Says:

    Eh, I was confused too when I lost all admin abilities. Then I went ahead and wrote this:

    And now is deleted. Go figure!

    So I’m really wondering if it’s worthwhile to start another blog, on a real server and all. I figure if GFY was so successful, and so many people want it back, then maybe it would be a good idea? I don’t know.

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