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Domains with netflix in them April 9, 2006

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Well, shit. Netflix’s idea is cool. I remember when the creator was interviewed on The ScreenSavers (I need to personally finance a Leo Laporte TV station, somehow!) he basically said that it was faster to mail a dvd than to ship it digitally. These days this has surely changed, as a 5gb file or set of files can be downloaded in less than 6 hours for most home users. However, due to the dumb dumb dumb ISPs, they limit users, and don’t really offer true “unlimited” plans. If they did, or if they even allowed content providers to say “hi, I am content provider and I will bypass the limit”, then things would be nicer.

However, on the flipside of that coin, lowering limits further to encourage more content providers to pay (essentially forcing them to when now it would just be a nice plus), is gay.

Speaking of gay, let’s check out some netflix alternatives, which unsurprisingly mainly consist of sex, lies, and videodisc.

I was scanning for ‘netflix’ in domain names. The first one to catch my eye (and resolve) was 69netflix, which is in reality They essentially have two plans, and the second plan + which adds a free dvd (to keep) every month. They also own and

You can join for as little as $21.95 per month. We have 3 levels of membership: Silver, Gold & Platinum. At Silver level, you pay only $21.95 per month for up to 3 DVDs at any time. Under our Gold plan you can rent up to 5 titles at any time for only $29.95 per month. The $39.95 Platinum plan will allow you to rent up 5 DVDs simultaneously, plus your selection of FREE premium DVD each month (no postage is charged either).

Then there’s the which all redirect to netflix. As well, are domain squatters, apparently. There’s an which doesn’t work, but that leads me to the fact that is running it’s own netflix ripoff. Neat. There’s also a bollywood netflix.

Programs start at $14.99 plus any applicable tax. With our most popular program, 3-at-a-time, you can rent as many DVDs as you want for just $19.99 a month.

You can create your own account at Brand Netflix (the brand manager) if you like! Here’s the login and signup if they get better security.

netflixforporn is essentially a guy referring people to sugardvd and probably making a living off of it. Because this is essentially a domain with netflix in it, here’s their plans:

  • 1 DVD – $9.95
  • 2 DVDs – $16.95
  • 3 DVDs – $21.95
  • 4 DVDs – $26.95
  • 6 DVDs – $34.95
  • 8 DVDs – $43.95

Someone else is doing a netflix throttling test: Fairness Algorithm. The very long wait stuff is weird, I got a DVD on my list that wasn’t on the top of the queue but was like 3rd, even though number 1 was available now. A fee calculator is also neat.

I leave you with xxxnetflix which is really deceiving (click through, it’s actually sfw, at least today).


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