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Oh Flock, what OS won’t you insult? April 20, 2006

Filed under: Flock — Tom @ 11:28 am

I love that when I’m asked to download Flock (they claim to have fixed a bug I reported, but state it doesn’t happen in my OS… which may be true, I only noticed it when I used windows, and haven’t tried Flock since), they want to let me know that I am to open the file with the really long name. That’s right, buddy boy, I can’t read past the first 8 characters of the filename. Of course, you’ll tell me what it’s sorta-like so that I know what to click on.

Let me quote some choice bits:

You’ll see one or more dialog boxes talking about a file with a really long name; something like “flock-0.5.14-US.mac.dmg”.

After Flock is copied to your Application folder, drag the Flock disk image and the file with the long name to the Trash.

I’m too dumb to take a screencapture, because shift apple 3 is really counterintuitive. Also, I’m lazy.


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